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Forthcoming Social Events?

At the Trust committee meeting last week, we discussed what we could start thinking about organising as social events for the Supporters’ Trust. The online Beer & Quiz Evening, although never in danger of bringing the internet down with so many people joining, was in fact relatively well attended and an enjoyable evening was had by all (not to mention some very tasty beers from Rebellion Brewery), so we do believe there is still an appetite for the Trust to organise social events, but what?

We are still living in strange time and it is fantastic to see The Chess Suite re-opening for outdoor service and hopefully by the middle of next month we will all be able to go inside and share a drink, but that is different to an organised social event. Race Nights, parties and even quiz evenings involve much more of a social gathering and will people still be skeptical about attending? The short answer is, we don’t know, and we would love you to tell us!

Please drop us an email at to let us know your thoughts on when you think it would be right to organise a social event and what sort of event you would like to see your Supporters’ Trust organise. We would love to get some events booked in the calendar if there is a wish amongst supporters for us to do so, but we need your guidance, and we would especially like to hear from anyone with any imaginative ideas outside of the normal…or is it a case of wait until the fixtures are out for next season and take it from there? Let us know.

2 thoughts on “Forthcoming Social Events?”

  1. Mark Pearce

    As a relatively new fan I don`t know what things have worked in the past that will get Chesham fans out to social events. Is there anyone who might have this `soft` info. out there? Anyway just a few thoughts, and forgetting for the moment issues the Pandemic and easing of lockdown restrictions might bring……..

    1. Can CUST organise a meet the players night with a Q and A? Someone I guess like Dave Pearce would be a popular draw. Could be done easily in the Social club I assume and would just need someone to host. Obviously would need the co-operation of the club.
    2. Similarly a `meet the Chairman` evening. Chance for Peter to field questions and outline his vision/ambition etc.
    3. Current players or Old players reunion evening mingling with fans?

  2. Mark Pearce

    Or, a suggestion from a friend…..what about a Football Memorabilia Collectors` event?

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